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Offshore Rig
Pressure Control Equipment
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For Hire: Annular BOP - 29 -1/2" x 500
Location: Ex Houston Last Updated: 30/03/16
Condition: New Certified Price: $1,026.00/Day
Description: 29-1/2" x 500PSI Annular BOP, Model C Studded Top and Flanged Bottom, H2S Services, 316 st/stl Inlayed RG's. OEM Packing Element and Seal kit installed. Fully Tested Full documentat...
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For Hire: Gate Valves ,Cameron API 10k
Gate Valve.jpg
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Last Updated: 06/10/15
Condition: New/Unused Price: p.o.a
Description: Full range of Cameron Gate valves in stock ,fully certified . 5- 1/8" x 10K . 4- 1/16"x 10K . 3 -1/16 "x 10K . 2- 1/16" x 10K. For Rental/lease, please contact for terms and conditions
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